Great Weddings, Stronger Marriages

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event. We help make sure your marriage lives up to that hype and lasts a lifetime too. We base our ceremonies and discussions on secular, evidence based research that has unlocked the simple secrets behind marriages that last. Apply this knowledge to your relationship to help you stay together for good.

Achievable Commitments

Your relationship already works so we won't be reinventing the wheel. We'll focus on how you can future proof your relationship, and move from strength to strength.

Accept Our Proposal

We're here to help you get married, and stay married. Check the links below to find out more about our Auckland Marriage Celebrant services and/or access our evidence based relationship toolkit.

Independent Marriage and Civil Union Celebrant

CANZ member

PhD in Psychology

Relationship Psychology Researcher at the University of Auckland

DIrector and Principal Scientist at Togetherly